Hamden-North Haven Winter/Spring 2022


Enrichment Classes will be in person at Hamden High School and North Haven High School, as well as virtual classes.

New Classes are being added!

Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty Trip - Page 27 in the catalog, was incorrectly priced. The price is $115 per person.

Hamden and North Haven Public Schools have joined adult education programs to offer quality services to all residents. We believe adult education is a beginning for individuals who need an alternative educational route as well as for adult students wanting to learn a new skill, travel or enrich their lives with new information through continuing education.

We provide a multitude of classes and programs to all Hamden and North Haven residents. Additional information can be found by calling us at 203-407-2028 or 203-773-9211 x 1146.

Browse through the catalog, call a friend and register for a course. Whether you want to learn a recipe, fitness class, new language, perfect a skill or make new friends, there is a wide variety of courses offered.  Let this be a time of learning and exploration for all of us.  There is a course that we developed just for you! 

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