General FAQs

Where do I find out about closings and delays?

Adult Education classes are automatically canceled if Hamden Public Schools are closed during the day. If the weather deteriorates during a scheduled school day necessitating canceling evening classes, an announcement will be made on:

  • WTNH – Channel 8
  • WVIT – Channel 30
  • WFSB – Channel 3
  • WELI – 9.60 am
  • WDRC – 102.9 FM

You can also check our website or Facebook page..

What if the class is full?

We will let you know right away if the class is full and will be happy to tell you about other classes we think may be of interest to you. Also, some classes are offered more than once during the year.

Which diploma program is best?

They are all recognized by 99% of the colleges and workforce. Individually the best program for you depends on your educational background, maturity and age.

What are the fees for the academic programs?

Adult Basic Education, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), GED Prep, Citizenship, National External Diploma Program and Adult High School are free to adults who live or work in Hamden.

Enrichment/Continuing Education has the fees listed under each course. A $10.00 fee is added for non-residents.

Do I need to be a Hamden resident to enroll in class?

Every person is welcome to take our Enrichment classes! Non-residents simply pay a 10.00 fee in addition to the course fee.

For the Adult Basic Education, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL), GED Prep, Citizenship, National External Diploma Program and Adult High School you should live or work in Hamden, North Haven, Bethany, Woodbridge or Orange.

How do I register for Continuing Education classes?

By phone: 203.407.2028
By Fax: 203.407.2056
By Mail: 2040 Dixwell Avenue
Hamden, CT 06514
In Person: Hamden Adult Education Office

You can also register online.

We accept MasterCard and Visa.

How do I register for the diploma programs?

You must register online at Call 203.407.2028 to find out specific registration dates.

How do I become an instructor?

To teach in the Continuing Education/Enrichment program,  contact Enrichment Coordinator, Rissa Webb 203-773-9211 ext. 1146. Then send a resume and cover letter describing the course you would like to teach. No certification is required.

To teach in the Basic Education/English for Speakers of Other Languages/Diploma programs, send a resume and cover letter noting experience and certification.

Send to Nadine Gannon, Director, 2040 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden, CT 06514, FAX 203.407.2056


What are the GED tests?

The GED (General Educational Development) Tests consist of four tests in the areas of Reasoning Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Language   and Mathematics. The GED Tests measure the higher order thinking skills necessary for an individual to successfully complete post secondary education and/or find and maintain employment.

To pass the GED tests and earn a Connecticut State High School Diploma, you must achieve a score of 145 or above in each of the four tests. If you pass, you will receive your diploma in about six weeks. If you need to try again, you can retest after 60 days.

The tests are offered at multiple testing centers around the state and also online.

Am I eligible to take the GED Exam?

If you are over age 17 and formally withdrawn from school. At the time of registration, individuals 17 and 18 years old must submit documentation from the last high school attended that they have either been officially withdrawn from school. In order to take the GED Exam, 17 year old students must wait 6 months after they have officially withdrawn from high school.

Do I have to take the GED Prep Class prior to taking the GED Exam?

No, you can prepare on your own. However, we strongly recommend taking classes. Whether you take classes or not, you do need to pass the Official Practice tests with a score of 145 or above to schedule your GED exam.

How do I register for the GED Exam?

You must  create a account and have scored a 145 or above on the official practice tests. Then, you must register in person at the Adult Education office at 2040 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden or the Keefe Learning Lab at the Keefe Community Center at 11 Pine Street, Hamden. You must bring an up-to-date picture I.D and proof of residency in Connecticut.. If you are under 19 years of age, proof of withdrawal is required.

If you are 21 years of age or older, you must pay a $13 fee at the time of registration.

Office hours are: Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 2:30 pm

What do I need to know for the GED test?

  • Language Arts/Writing Skills: Part I - (50 questions, 75 minutes) Measures ability to use editing skills of correction, revision and construction skills. Content areas measured are sentence structure, usage and mechanics. Part II - (45 minutes) Writing an essay on an assigned topic. Measures ability to compose a well written response. It measure skills at the cognitive level of synthesis. Total time 120 minutes.
  • Social Studies (50 questions, 80 minutes) Content areas: US and World History (40%), Economics (20%), Civics (25%), Geography (15%). Visual texts (cartoons, photos, time lines, graphs and charts) = 60% of test. Written texts in practical and historic documents = 40% of test.
  • Science (50 questions, 80 minutes) Earth Science, Chemistry and Physics - Measures higher order thinking skills included in fundamental and scientific understanding of life science (45%), earth and space science (20%) and physical science (35%). Visual texts = 70% of test. Written text = 30% of test.
  • Language Arts/Reading (40 questions, 65 minutes) Measures ability to comprehend, apply and analyze literary selections. Content includes drama, poetry and fiction (75%) and non-fiction (25%).
  • Mathematics: Part I (25 questions, 45 minutes) Permits use of scientific calculator provided at test site. Part II (25 questions, 45 minutes) does not allow use of calculator. The tests measure number sense and operations (20-30%), data, statistics and probability (20-30%) algebra functions and patterns (20-30%). The test will have format questions other than multiple choice where examinees will have to bubble in correct answers. Total time 90 minutes.

How should I prepare for the tests?

The first step is to talk with Hamden Adult Education personnel, who will discuss with you the GED Tests and other ways you can earn an adult high school diploma. You will take a State of Connecticut appraisal test and the GED Practice Test and will be advised, based on your scores, on readiness for the GED Tests. Preparation may be recommended, including home study or registration in the GED Prep course offered at the Learning Lab.

Special Accommodations: Special test accommodations can be arranged for individuals with appropriate documentation. Call Sabrina (860) 807-2110.

Adult High School FAQs

What is Hamden Adult High School?

Adults and out-of-school youth can complete their high school education by earning a total of 23 academic units of credit through Hamden’s evening adult high school program. The program is similar to the regular secondary school program, requiring attendance at classes and the achievement of passing grades, but it is uniquely adapted to recognize and give credit for adult experiences. Classes are small allowing for individual instruction.

Am I eligible to enroll in Hamden Adult High School?

Yes, if you are at least 16 years old, not enrolled in any other high school program, and have an eighth grade education or can show equal competence by test performance.

How can I earn 23 credits in Hamden Adult High School?

You must accumulate 22 academic units of credit as follows:

  • 4 units of English
  • 3 units of Math
  • 3 units of Social Science, including one unit of U.S. History
  • 3 units of Science
  • 1 unit of a vocational art or fine art
  • 9 units of electives

23 total credits

To receive the Hamden Adult High School Diploma, you must earn at least two (2) of these 23 credits as an enrolled student in Hamden Adult High School classes. In addition to attending class, there are many options for obtaining units of credit.

One-credit classes meet twice weekly (Tuesdays and Thursdays) for one semester, and include:

  • English I,II,III,IV
  • Algebra
  • General Science
  • U.S. History
  • Career Opportunities
  • Practical Math
  • Biology
  • Current Events
  • Computer Literacy
  • General Math
  • Law
  • Economics 

You can take two courses per semester, and four courses each school year. Consistent attendance is a requirement at the Hamden Adult High School, and failure to conform to the regulations relative to attendance and tardiness could result in loss of credit or dismissal from the program.

Other Credit Options

A counselor will help you determine what transfer credits are acceptable. Credit will be given for courses satisfactorily completed at a public, private, or vocational school. You will need to bring a certified transcript of these courses and grades. Also, credit will be awarded for documented completion of military, industrial and other educational programs. Credit may be granted for work experience; your employer may be asked to complete an evaluation form. Credit for home and family management is also an elective option. Independent Learning Packets are available for highly motivated students who can take materials home for study and gain credits through testing.

An exciting option is offered through Hamden Adult High School’s Partnership Program with Gateway Community College. If you have the required grades and credits, you can enroll in a course at GCC. Upon completion of this course, you will receive credit towards your high school diploma and college credit as well.


What is the National External Diploma Program?

The National External Diploma Program (NEDP) is a high school completion program for adults. It is based on the belief that people learn through life experience, not only in classrooms. Adults earn a high school diploma by demonstrating academic skills in situations based on daily life experiences at home, on the job, and in the community. Each candidate for a diploma must also demonstrate an individual skill in an occupational, academic or specialized area. Designed to fit into the schedules of busy men and women who must balance family, work and community responsibilities, NEDP is:

  • flexible in time requirements
  • relevant to an adult’s life
  • varied in testing modes
  • designed to make learning an individual responsibility

Am I eligible to enroll in NEDP?

Yes, if you are over 16 and no longer enrolled in regular high school. (Recommended age: 21+) You must attend an information session to enroll. Call the Adult Education office at 407-2028 for dates and times.

What do I need to know for NEDP?

You will need to demonstrate 65 “competencies” that have been identified as the skills and knowledge that an adult needs to function well in daily life. These competencies include not only academic skills like reading, writing, math, oral communication, and scientific awareness, but also such “life skills” as problem-solving ability, a job or occupational skill, and the ability to set goals and direct your own learning.

What will I do in NEDP?

The EDP process is in two parts: the diagnostic and the assessment phases. The EDP applicant begins by meeting with a counselor (Advisor) and taking diagnostics in reading, writing and mathematics to identify any basic skill deficiencies that would be obstacles to completing the program requirements. The results of the diagnostics, along with a learning prescription, are given to the applicant by the Advisor. Learning resources are discussed; options may include materials borrowed for self-study, assistance from friends, family members or a tutor, or registration in Hamden’s Learning Lab. The applicant is responsible for carrying out his or her own learning plan.

After learning, the applicant returns to retest in the deficient areas only. When all the basic skills have been demonstrated, the applicant begins the assessment phase as a candidate for the diploma.

During assessment, the candidate completes assignments both at home and in weekly office appointments lasting 1-2 hours. These assignments, called “tasks”, are designed around real-life experiences that allow for demonstration of the 65 competencies. For example, the candidate might be asked to find a place to live in a new community. This task might involve reading classified ads, interpreting a lease, calculating expenses in relation to income, using a local map, locating community resources, and writing a letter of complaint. Writing, reading comprehension, math, problem-solving, and other academic and life skills are thus demonstrated in a practical way.

Each candidate must also possess and have validated an individual competency, usually a specific entry level job skill. Academic proficiency and home-and-family management are other skill areas. These competencies are evaluated by employers or by experts drawn from the community

How long does the NEDP take?

The program is self-paced. Adults who are able to come to regular appointments, and who do not have a great deal of remedial learning to do, usually receive a diploma in about 6 months.

To Enroll: Call the Adult Education Office at Hamden High School for an appointment (407-2028).