Hamden-North Haven Winter/Spring 2020: Money Matters

Class Dates Times Instructor Location
All About Avoiding Probate
2400N 4/7
  • Tu  6-7:30pm
Rubin North Haven High School
All About Trusts CourseCatalog/images/new.gif
2411H 3/12
  • Th  6-7:30pm
Staff Hamden High School
Asset Protection When a little Paranoia is a Good Thing
2113N 2/19
  • We  6-7:30pm
Staff North Haven High School
Medicare/Medicaid: Dispelling the Myth CourseCatalog/images/new.gif
2413H 5/20
  • We  6-7:30pm
Staff Hamden High School
Passport to Retirement CourseCatalog/images/new.gif
2404N 2/25
  • Tu  6:30-8pm
Grove North Haven High School
Planning for Afforable Long Term Care
2403H 4/29
  • We  7-9pm
Abrahamian Hamden High School
2403N 3/11
  • We  7-9pm
Abrahamian North Haven High School
Class has been Canceled
Retirement Planning Today
2406NA 2/19 - 2/26
  • We  6:30-9:30pm
Skinner North Haven High School
2406NB 2/25 - 3/3
  • Tu  6:30-9:30pm
Skinner North Haven High School
Your Medicare Options for 2020 CourseCatalog/images/new.gif
2416H 2/4
  • Tu  6:30-8:30pm
DeGregorio Hamden High School
2416N 2/27
  • Th  7-9pm
DeGregorio North Haven High School